30 Dangerous Prescription Drugs

30 Dangerous Prescription Drugs

At the moment, drugs is thrown round with out regard to what it really is. We barely know what the capsules we now have are product of or what the energetic elements are, a lot much less how they have an effect on our our bodies or minds. For some cause, we nonetheless use them, and we aren’t actually inquisitive about what they’re. If in case you have a headache, you’re reaching for that tablet bottle. Runny nostril? Capsules. Upset abdomen? Rummaging within the drugs cupboard once more. We depend on drugs for any and each ailment we now have, massive or small, regardless of how ceaselessly we battle with that drawback.

When we now have even bigger issues, like power ailments, sicknesses, or most cancers, we take into consideration what we’re ingesting even much less. However with these larger issues we’re dealing with, there are sometimes individuals telling us to take the capsules, so we do, no questions requested. However the issue is that we don’t think about what the unwanted side effects of these capsules are. Has it been round lengthy sufficient to find out the long-term results? Has it been completely examined? Are there unhealthy unwanted side effects? Life-style adjustments? There are such a lot of questions that we’re simply taught to not ask. Properly, individuals didn’t ask after they took these medicine, and issues didn’t prove too nicely for them.


Ritalin, Dexedrine, and Adderall are sometimes used to deal with ADD and ADHD, however they’re usually misused. Whereas they aren’t bodily addicting, they’re usually psychologically addicting. They work to “zombify” individuals till they settle down as a substitute of serving to the particular person attain a standard functioning stage.


Ativan is a drug used to deal with anxiousness. It’s harmful when used carelessly and might put its customers vulnerable to dependancy. In extreme circumstances of misuse, it will probably trigger deadly seizure exercise.

Arthritis Drugs

Arthritis medicine might initially assist deal with the ache of arthritis, however they’ve been identified to destroy cartilage, trigger intestinal bleeding, and harm the liver. These medicine are sometimes designed extra to cope with the ache than to repair the issue.

Atromid and Lopid

These medicine are designed to boost your “good ldl cholesterol” ranges, however research have discovered an elevated variety of deaths associated to long-term use of this drug.


When coupled with chemotherapy, 16 scientific trials have discovered that customers of this drug are put at a a lot larger danger of loss of life. That is unhealthy as a result of this drug is a chemotherapy drug.

Beta Blockers

Beta Blockers are used to decrease blood strain by weakening the center, they usually have additionally been proven to decrease libido and trigger fatigue.

Bile Acid Sequestering Agents

These medicine take in bile acids and power your physique to excrete them. As a result of your physique is just not used to dealing with these acids in that manner, constipation and nausea are widespread unwanted side effects.

Blood Thinners

Blood thinners resembling coumadin and warfarin are used to skinny out the blood, however that is the very factor that makes them harmful. Even easy, small cuts tackle a complete new risk stage while you take this drug.

Calcium Channel Blockers

These medicine are used to decrease blood strain by stopping calcium from coming into your cells. The issue is that your physique wants calcium, and this drug has been proven to have a correlation with an elevated danger of loss of life by coronary heart illness.


Clozapine is used to deal with schizophrenia, and consultants like to argue over its unwanted side effects. Some individuals say it cuts places customers vulnerable to loss of life whereas others argue that it does the alternative. Possibly individuals ought to wait to take this drug till the smoke clears and we work out what’s really occurring.

Cold and Flu Medications

Most individuals will self-medicate after they get sick, however oftentimes, the medicine we take inhibit our immune system. They’ve even been identified to extend the period of time we’re sick.


Cotolone is an immunosuppressive drug that’s related to cataracts, bone loss, and a weakening immune system. It’s not a drug to make use of with out giving critical thought to the unwanted side effects.


Cytoxan is one other chemotherapy drug. It’s used to gradual or cease cell progress however has been proven to trigger fevers and pneumonia.


Decadron is an anti-inflammatory drug that has been tied to diarrhea, pneumonia, weight achieve, and irregular sleep cycles.


Diuretics assist kidneys to carry out their jobs higher, pushing fluids by way of the physique. That is could be helpful for momentary remedies, however long-term use will flush minerals from the physique.


Methotrexate is listed as a “chemotherapeutic” drug, however these medicine are designed to kill residing cells to fight most cancers. They’re harmful as a result of they’ve problem differentiating between regular cells and cancerous ones. Along with treating cancerous cells, it’s ceaselessly used to deal with rheumatoid arthritis.


Morphine is without doubt one of the most well-known extreme painkillers on the market. Its customers are at high-risk for dependancy, nevertheless. It impacts your actions, mind, psyche, sexuality, and basic well being. It’s harmful in some ways. It ought to solely be utilized in essentially the most crucial of circumstances.


Oxycodone is used to deal with average to extreme ache, however it’s thought of to be a high-risk habit-forming drug. It may well trigger respiratory issues or loss of life when mixed with different substances or alcohol.


Opioids are readily prescribed, easy-to-get-ahold-of medicine used as painkillers. They’re thought of to be some of the abused medicine in the US and are simply addictive. They gradual your respiratory and coronary heart charge, inflicting fatalities in excessive circumstances.


Whereas this drug could also be extraordinarily helpful if you’re treating poison ivy, it’s harmful when used for durations longer than 2 weeks. Signs of lengthy publicity to this drug embody all the pieces from osteoporosis to weak point to hypertension. Regardless of its hazard, this drug is finicky. In case you’ve been taking it for months, you’ll have to taper or change to a brand new drug as a result of quitting chilly turkey could be harmful as nicely.


Prozac is without doubt one of the mostly pharmaceuticals for individuals affected by melancholy. The issue? It’s extremely addictive and might doubtlessly mess together with your serotonin ranges, inflicting you to suppose and act in methods you usually wouldn’t.


Reclast is used to control the extreme calcium ranges brought on by most cancers. Nonetheless, it has been tied to osteonecrosis, a situation the place blood stops flowing to the bones, inflicting them to interrupt down and die.


Metoclopramide, often known as Reglan, is used for nausea remedy. It has been identified to trigger tardive dyskinesia. Don’t know what that’s? It’s a situation that causes involuntary actions in your extremities, tongue, lips, and face. Not one thing many individuals would wish to must cope with.


Remicade is an immunological agent that enhances or suppresses the immune system to deal with a number of ailments, together with arthritis and Crohn’s illness. It has been identified to trigger fluctuations in coronary heart charges, fevers, hives, rashes, and nausea.


Rituxan is used to deal with particular kinds of most cancers. It may well trigger extreme pores and skin and mouth reactions whereas additionally placing you in danger for reactivating Hepatitis B. Different unwanted side effects embody infections, critical bowel issues, and low blood cell counts.

Statin Drugs

Statin medicine are a sort of drug designed to decrease your ldl cholesterol by decreasing the manufacturing of ldl cholesterol in your liver and altering the best way this ldl cholesterol enters your cells. These adjustments could cause liver toxicity.


Tramadol, often known as Ultram, is used to deal with a lot of pain-related situations, together with post-operations, most cancers, and power situations. There are quite a few warnings about Tramadol, particularly regarding dependancy, and customers are put in danger for seizures.

Type II Diabetes Drugs

Utilizing these medicine for prolonged durations of time has been identified to trigger complications, liver harm, elevated danger of coronary heart assaults, and extra. Attempt to discover a pure solution to get your insulin ranges as much as regular.


Xanax is used to deal with anxiousness that may be addictive when utilized in excessive portions for prolonged durations of time. It’s harmful when it’s utilized in excessive portions or coupled with alcohol.


Zoloft is a drug used to deal with a lot of psychological issues, starting from melancholy to OCD to PTSD. It poses critical unwanted side effects, together with beginning defects for unborn kids, that weren’t disclosed at first. The producer Pfizer is now dealing with critical lawsuits.